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Ichud Olam at Ichud Shivat Zion is a dynamic modern orthodox & Zionist community of young families and young professionals from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds, and from all across the religious spectrum, who have moved to Tel Aviv to live in the heart of the modern Jewish State.  From our humble beginnings in January 2000, we have created a place of gathering and prayer that is warm and welcoming for our growing membership, and many more guests, who regularly attend our bet knesset.  Our minyan consists of new and veteran olim as well as many native Israelis.  

We are active both on Shabbat and throughout the week with services, shiurim, and many other activities.  On Shabbatot we run a popular tefilat yeladim children's service with special treats and children's programming in our dedicated children's area that includes a lounge area, gymboree and library room with games.  We have a delightful and widely acclaimed 'kiddush club' with fine delicacies including a selection of herrings, hot potato kugel and of course fine single malt whiskey.  We have an open communal Kiddush every week after services, including tasty cholent during the winter months.

We pride ourselves on being an open, warm and friendly community, where all are welcome, and where different expressions of Yiddishkeit are encouraged.  We conduct a wide range of activities including learning activities, social activities such as Shabbatonim, communal Shabbat and Holiday meals, fancy dress Megilla reading and Purim parties, and other commemorative Shabbat and holiday events such as a gala Yom Ha'atzmaut service, streetside kiddushim, special children's choir appearances, musical selichot services with instrumentals, and much more.

In early 2014, as Minyan Ichud Olam evolved and matured, we took the important step of moving upstairs into the main sanctuary of the Ichud Shivat Zion Synagogue. We are also proud to host the Italian Minyan, for more information on their community visit, and the Chug Hanoar, representing the elders of the community that preceded our Minyan.

We invite people from near and far to visit us and sample the unique synergy we are creating between the religious and secular world in this great city.

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